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Minutes of the CES meeting held on 18th of January

Minutes of the CES meeting held on 18th of January 2012

       Venue : Seminar Room, Department of Civil Engineering, University Of Moratuwa.
      Time : 5.15 p.m.

The first meeting of the newly appointed committee of the Civil Engineering Society for the year 2012 was initiated on the 5.15 p.m. at 18th of January 2012. As the President was not present the meeting was conducted by Treasurer Mr. Punarji Damboragama. The Senior Treasurer Dr. L.I.N. De Silva of the Civil Engineering department academic staff was also present as well as Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge who is the Academic Advisor joined while the meeting was conducting.

Newly appointed senior treasure Dr. L.I.N.De Silva was introduced to the committee by Mr. Punarji Damboragama. Dr. L.I.N. De Silva talked about the current financial position of CES. It was stated in his speech that before EXMO 2010 there had been Rs 7000,000/= worth of cash equivalents in CES accounts and that after expenditures there are Rs. 176,000/= worth of cash equivalence at the moment.

Several suggestions were made by committee members to be implemented in the year ahead as stated below.

1.       Suggestion of having a AGM .
It was suggested by Mr. Benura (a representative from semester 7) that a AGM should be held this year.    Dr. L.I.N. De Silva went on to talk about the purpose of having an AGM and what had been done in the previous years regarding AGMs. It was stated that an Industry Day was held along with the AGM last year up to a satisfactory level. Dr.J.M.A. Manatunge also added that it was organized by the present Committee plus the outgoing committee.

2.       Civil Engineering Research Symposium.
Mr. Punarji Damdoragama informed the committee about the upcoming Civil Engineering Research symposium that is to be held in coming June. Dr.J.M.A. Manatunge added that it is to be held at the University Of Ruhuna and gave an extensive introduction to the history and the scope of the event.

3.       Annual Cricket tournament and Methmihira programme.
Mr. Punarji Damboragama proposed that the annual cricket tournament and Methmihira the community service project need to be conducted this year also. It was requested by the staff members that a fund raising plan should be prepared and submitted for these events.

4.       Seminars for students from rural and underprivileged schools.
It was suggested by Mr. Pulsara (a representative from semester 3) to organize educational seminars for students from rural and underprivileged schools by CES. The representatives from semester 3 batch also expressed their willingness to organize such a project if permitted.

5.       Purpose of having guest lectures.
The guest lectures that are organized by the CES was suggested to be more publicized to attract students from other departments also by Mr. Sanka (a representative from semester 7) It was informed that Mr Prakash (a representative from semester 7) had been assigned the task of organizing these guest lectures. Dr.J.M.A. Manatunge added that at least five of such lectures should take place for a year organized by CES.

6.       Establish a scholarship fund.
It was suggested by Mr. Tharindu (a representative by semester 3 batch) to establish a scholarship fund to help needy students of the department.

7.       Starting a magazine as well as a blog from Civil Department.
Mr. Sanka (a representative from semester 7) suggested a magazine can be published to promote Civil Engineering among students. But another suggestion was brought by the committee members to use enews or a blog instead of a magazine.

8.       Wifi facility for Civil department.
The need for wifi facility for the civil department was stressed by Mr. Janith (a representative from semester 3) as it would be much useful to the students. Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge volunteered to discuss the matter with the Head of the Department directly.

9.       Student consultancy projects.
It was proposed by Mr. Benura (a representative from semester 7) that student consultancy projects need to be implemented this year also. Staff members reminded that the last year projects were highly successful with the help academic staff of the department.

10.   Importance of reviving the Civil Engineering night.
Mr. Jude Aruna (a representative from semester 7) proposed that the Civil Engineering night should again be revived. Dr.J.M.A. Manatunge added that permission should be granted by the head of the department for the event and it needs to be organized as a close ceremony intended only for Civil Engineering students.
With the note that the next meeting would be called as soon as possible to further discuss the implementation of these suggestions, the meeting was concluded.

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                    Secretary                                 Academic Advisor                                    President

The objectives of the Civil Engineering Society.

* Promote professional interest in regarding to Civil Engineering among its members.
* Establish closer interaction among members to share, exchange and discuss issues relating to the scientific, technology and societal developments as applicable to Civil Engineering in its widest context.
* Raise and mobilize resources for the development of Civil Engineering especially at the University of Moratuwa.
* Create a better awareness among the general public of the role of Civil Engineering.
* Explore and provide opportunities to fulfill its social responsibility to the community it serves especially in terms of contributions in professional advice and participatory projects.
* Identify inherent capabilities of students and to promote their leadership skills and professionalism.
* Enhance the image of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa, among society at large and to assist in continually improving the quality of the courses in Civil Engineering.
* Promote, explore and assist in the development of new career opportunities for Civil Engineering graduates.
* Assist students having particular needs to successfully complete their studies in Civil Engineering.

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